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Glossary of Terms
Warp - Any variation from a true or plan surface.  Warp includes bow, crook, cup, and twist, or any combination thereof.

- Members that connect top and bottom chords together forming triangular openings to give truss action and usually carrying compression or tension forces.

Web Reinforcement - A piece of stress-rated lumber attached to a web as reinforcement against buckling instability.  Types of web reinforcement include T-bracing, L-bracing, scab bracing and metal reinforcement.  The length of the reinforcement is up to 90% the length of the web.

Wedge - Triangular piece of lumber that has one side equal to the standard 2" dimension lumber widths, and is inserted between the top and bottom chords, usually to allow the truss to cantilever.  Its use is determined through engineering analysis.

Wind Load - Lateral pressure on the building or structure in pounds per square foot (psf), or the metric pascals (Pa), due to wind blowing in any direction.

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