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Glossary of Terms
Ladder Panel - (Ladder Framing) Prefabricated panel fastened to the roof eave to create a sloped overhang.

Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) - Composite of wood veneer sheet elements joined with an adhesive with wood fibers primarily oriented along the length of the member.  Veneer thickness does not exceed 0.25".

Lateral Bracing - Members installed at right angles to a chord or web member of a truss to provide stability to the truss.

Let Tails Run - When a piece of lumber making up the top chord is not cut off to a specified overhang length, but retains the length of the lumber used for the purpose of meeting specific overhang requirements in the field.

Level Return
- A horizontal member of the truss running from the end of the overhang back to the outside of the wall to form a soffit.

Live Load - Loads produced by the occupancy of the building or structure, not including construction loads or environmental loads such as wind loads, snow loads, rain loads, earthquake loads, flood loads or dead loads.  Live loads on a roof are those produced during maintenance by workers, equipment and materials, and during the life of the structure by people and moveable objects.

Load - Forces or other actions that arise on structural systems from the weight of all permanent construction, occupants and their possessions, environmental effects, differential settlement and restrained dimensional changes.

Load-Bearing Wall - Wall specifically designed to transfer loads from above to the framing or foundation below.

Longitudinal - Direction parallel to the grain of wood.

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