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Glossary of Terms
Gable - Portion of the end wall above the eave line of a double sloped roof.

Gable End Frame - A component manufactured to complete the end wall of a building.  The bottom chord of the gable end frame is continuously supported by the end bearing wall.  Verticals between the top and bottom chords are typically spaced at 24" on center.  The verticals function as load carrying members and as attachment members for sheathing or other end wall coverings.  The gable end frame must be incorporated into the end shear wall by the building designer.

Gambrel - Roof having two slopes on each side of the peak, the lower slope usually steeper than the upper one.

Gang Nail - See Metal Connector Plate

Girder Truss - Truss designed to carry heavy loads from other structural members framing into it.  Usually a multiple-ply truss.

Grade - Designation of the quality of a manufactured piece of wood.

Gypsum Board - Interior finish sheet material manufactured with gypsum.

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