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Glossary of Terms
Dead Load - Any permanent load such as the weight of the truss itself, purlins, sheathing, roofing and ceiling, acting vertically on the truss or truss members.

Deflection - Amount a member sags or displaces under the influence of forces.

Design Loads - Dead and live loads for which a truss is designed to support.

Diagonal Bracing -  Used in conjunction with lateral bracing to transfer brace forces into the supporting structure.  Diagonal braces are installed in the same plane as lateral bracing but at a 45 degree angle to the lateral brace.

Direct Nail - To nail perpendicular to the member being nailed.

Drywall - Interior finish material sheet manufactured with gypsum (gypsum board).

Dual Pitch Truss
- Truss that changes pitch at the top chord peak joint.

Duration of Load
-  Duration of stress or the time during which a load acts on a member.  In wood, a design consideration for modifying allowable stresses based on the accumulated loadings anticipated in the life of a structure..

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