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Glossary of Terms
Mechanical Property - Property of wood that relates to its ability to support load or resist deflection.

Metal Connector Plate
- Connector plate manufactured from ASTM A653/A653M, A591, A792, or A167 structural quality steel protected with zinc or zinc-aluminum alloy coatings or their stainless steel equivalent.  The metal connector plate has integral teeth and shall be manufactured to various sizes (i.e., length and width) and thickness or gauges and shall be designed to laterally transmit loads in wood.  Also known as truss plate, plate, metal plate, etc.

Miter Cut - Single cut made at an angle to the member length.

Modulus of Elasticity (MOE or E)
- Measure of the inherent rigidity or stiffness of a material.  For a given geometric configuration, a material with a larger MOE deforms less under the same stress.

Moment - Force that produces rotation of a member and resulting bending stresses.

Monopitch Truss
- Truss that has a single top chord, and a slope greater than 1.5/12.

MPCWT - Metal Plate Connected Wood Truss.

MSR - Machine Stress Rated Lumber.

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