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Glossary of Terms
Header - Structural member located between stud, joist, rafter, or truss openings.

- The point on a truss at which the top and bottom chords intersect, usually occurring at support.

Heel Cut - See Butt Cut.

Hip Corner - Either truss or conventional framing, that along with the end jacks, forms the hip ridge and roof areas between the end wall and hip girder.

Hip Girder - Truss designed to carry end jacks and hip corners or common framing.

Hip Roof - Roof system in which the slope of the roof at the end walls of the building is perpendicular to the slope of the roof along the sides of the bull ding.

Hip Set - Series of step down trusses of the same span and overhang, that decrease in height to form the end slope of a hip roof system.

Horizontal Shear - Shear that occurs in planes parallel to the longitudinal axis of the member; sometimes referred to as longitudinal shear.

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