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Glossary of Terms
Nail-On Plate - Light-gauge cold-formed steel metal connector plates with pre-punched holes or, if cut to size, without holes having identifying marks through which nails are driven by hand or pneumatic means into the lumber.  They are typically used in repairs.

Nailer - See Scab.

NDS - National Design Specification for Wood Construction, a publication of the American Forest & Paper Association (AFPA) providing an appendix of lumber sizes, grades, species and allowable stresses.

Net Free Ventilated Area - Area required by building codes to allow for proper ventilation in enclosed building spaces.

Nominal Size - As applied to products such as lumber, traditionally the approximate rough-sawn commercial size by which it is known and sold in the market.  Actual rough-sawn sizes may vary from the nominal.  Reference to standards or grade rules is required to determine nominal/actual finished size relationships.

Nominal Span
- Horizontal distance between outside edges of supports.

Notch - Vertical and horizontal cut at the end of a chord, joist or rafter.

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